Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy old year

gday dear reader/s

2010 was a happy old year despite it's traumas (see my kidney blog). 2010 ended well and as Mister Shakespeare pointed out, "All's well that ends well." I hope 2011 ends better.

2010 was productive too. (The two snippets below are side by side in my spreadsheet - the dates apply to both set of numbers )
New Years Eve I added 1047 words to book 3 "Arch" ending ch13 and starting ch14. New Year's Day another 927.

Total words 2010 - 118,600 ending Bk2 "Face" and starting Bk3. Bk3 now stands at 65,500. Additionally I wrote 9,227 'other' words (my blogs, short stories, etc) As I said, a productive year.

'this week' & 'overall' relate to my 3500 words/week target. i.e. I wrote 3,532 words in week 52 (32 over target) reducing the overall shortfall by 32 to 1,397 (the target was set post operation and the shortfall created by an O/S wedding)
My daily average for the 365 days of 2010 was 325. The year projected is the daily average X 365, what I could achieve if I wrote the same number of words every day.

For example at 1/1/11 it was 927 (the best it will ever be - 927 words/day is a staggering 338,355 words in a year.) but look what happened when I took today off to party - it halved.

The average is my goad to write daily lest it plummet but as we all know, that never happens. I don't need a New year's resolution - I have an average.


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