Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing surer than Change


The solutions were a mixed bag some relief but not really enough especially overnight. By the time the need wakes me it's urgent and painful, not time to be playing with aesthetic injections, so it's back to walking the dog.

Despite this, we are both generally better and went for a walk down the mall for lunch. It was both easier and faster. (Aside: An additional reason for our expensive choice was to test if liked city living - i.e. sell up in the outer burbs and move to the city) My son Jason who works in the city joined us for coffee in our favourite bookshop in his lunch hour, a side benefit of city living.

As he was leaving I got a call from the renal co-ordinator at Flinders Medical Centre FMC (my local hospital) saying the RAH (my transplant hospital) was going to release me and an appointment had been made for next Thursday, which I took to be Thursday next week (today being Tuesday)

I was wrong. When I rang for my results (creatinine 98) I was told don't come tomorrow. It seems the doctors are so satisfied with my progress after the biopsy they're transferring me back to FMC for further clinics as of NOW. Next Thursday actually meant this week - two days time. I was original told (as my blog testifies) daily clinics for three weeks to a month) - Tomorrow is exactly two weeks since the operation and neither are supposed to drive until then so this comes as a shock.

Gloriously the FMC clinic only runs twice a week, not daily, so it's all good news; not to mention the fortune we will save ($200 / day ) except we have to give 24 hours to our hosts so I bargained with RAH for one more clinic tomorrow, then FMC Thursday.

Here endeth stage one. I now enter the brave new world of the immune-suppressed transplantee - for life - which was of course the object of the exercise.


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