Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day

Yesterday was good last night horrible

Yesterday: Sun 30 May

walked up to the Sunday markets in Rundle St East, then down the mall to buy a jigsaw. Slowly of course with many stops for coffee and toilet ( that problem hasn't gone away)

That problem came back with a vengeance overnight, if you rate pain on a scale of 1 to 10 where zero is no pain and 10 is excruciating agony this is a 12. and it happens every hour whether I need to pee or not. If you see man in gray track suit pants in the mall who confronts you by suddenly playing pocket billiards it may be me.

T0day Mon 31 May

Started well and went downhill. The daily clinic was good, I reported the increasingly belligerent penis and have been given some solutions. One a 'sal vital' like effervescent drink to de-acidify my urine and two a penile injection of local anesthetic gel.

Then they looked at the wound and decided on the spot to remove half the staples (bonus they weren't due out till Wednesday) It a good feeling to think that you are progressing faster than expected - it might all be bullshit but the good feeling remains.

Today was also scheduled for biopsy so back to the waiting room. I vaguely remember the last one just before my nephrectomy as being an overnight stay but I wasn't that worried this would be different. for natural kidneys they dig deep through the back, 'unnatural' ones are in front just under the surface. I didn't feel a thing it all went smoothly and painlessly but then the crunch, I was stay lying on my back in that position for the next six hours

Oh! shit - more correctly Oh! Piss - six hours, that's at least 5 urinations in this position without the ability to get up and dance with a firm grasping the instrument of pain. The routine I've developed to help me through the night. Pity I didn't the solutions earlier.

I rang Felicity to give her the news and she walked to join me fro most of the six hour nightmare sitting in her own chair of pain. It is true, misery loves company. peeing lying down is an art form - doing so, regularly, while peeing acid is a sport for elite athletes - I'd rather have a baby - at least you get something nice to take home.

In the end I was at the RAH from 7:30 to 4:30 - a whole day of what little life I have left shot

But I have the solutions - let's hope one of them works


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