Saturday, November 27, 2010

of mice and me

gday dear reader/s
The Trilogy  -  Book 3 Arch
emerging from the mists of creation  

Mice and me have in common, the going awry of our best laid plans.

This blog was meant to be a diary of the writing of the my trilogy's last volume.  It isn't working, the wedding break as Grrrrr!!!!ed  in my last post sent my best laid plans so far far awry I had trouble ferreting them out.

Another approach is called for. The blog will in future be the first  piece of writing I do each week beginning next Monday (two days away). Monday has been my major writing day since the start of the Blackwood Writers Group in 1996. Back then it was my only day just so I had something to read when the group met Monday night.

I feel confident this can be done. For the last 3 weeks I have exceed my targets and have even started paring back the deficit.  I'm now writing Chapter 10;  46,000 words of first draft done 134,000 to go; estimated time of completion (ETC) has dropped to Jan 2012.  (based on my 2010 - 7 day average -now standing at  303/day however my rate over the last 3 weeks was 735/day )  If I can make up the 3500 word deficit, I will finish in by  1st of Sept 2011. 

Arch is becoming
clearer every day
Every day I write the average goes up and the ETC for book 3 "Arch" comes down (gets earlier.)

Monday's post will be back to talking about the actual process of writing the damn thing

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