Monday, November 29, 2010

It’s a Monday kinda Tuesday

G'day dear reader/s

I posted Mice and Me in good faith Saturday and shut down. When I started up Monday my computer refused to cooperate. I’ve sent it in for re-education.

So now, Tuesday, I’m sitting at the kitchen table writing on a laptop, an Intel atom inside and windows7starter. Very basic but I still managed to add 800 words to Arch yesterday despite the anger producing frustrations. Let’s not go there.
The story proceeds. Last time I blogged about the process I was at Ch.4 (20K words) now at Ch.10 (50K); a lot has happened in the story, as in life.

The main characters (I still have 5 POV) are gathering in Deep Creek where it all began for the crisis that ends part one (at about 90K words). Something that worries me at the moment is my villain Hyatt has a better tale to tell that the dual personality heroine Rowena/Severne. He has and is overcoming more obstacles than they (or me) which tends to make him a better character. 

I shall have to seriously up the stakes for Rowena/Severne 

Unfortunately that's all I have time for folks, back to the writing and more on story next post.(fingers crossed)


  PS I'm considering shorter more frequent posts to give a better idea of what this writer's writing process is really like.

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