Sunday, December 5, 2010

A 1000 words

well almost

G'day gentle reader/s
The pic of the reading room in Library of Congress was worth 789 words of description along with the action and dialogue of characters flowing through it. It comes from the opening of ch10 from Ashford's POV (who was Lee) in a scene labeled The company of Warriors.

This scene was written today but the following scene was written last week. I got so carried away writing a scene for the hosted goddess Rowena/Severn (a dual personality fighting for control of the same body) that it grew into two scenes. When I finished I went back, found cliffhanger in the middle and split it.  

Interestingly from my POV, Ashford, being the newest character is still forming, still surprising me. I don't yet know how he will turn out. He began on the side of villains, swapped when he met the one of the heroines Sarah, but he has since discovered she (like her sister Lisa) is a Restoration Warrior called Fern. He feels used, resentful, he may change back given enough motive and or opportunity. I don't know I'm only the author.  (Fern could be Brook. The twins Sarah and Lisa chose these warrior names and though I have them written down in my glossary I'm never sure which is which without looking them up.

[hey I got it right]
When I'm writing however I don't stop to Check and when I'm done it's forgotten)

The thing is, unlike the other POV characters I don't know Ashford yet. Sarah and Jorgena who newly get a voice in Arch have a history running back to Bk1 Break Giving them a POV is relatively simple and fun, making up motives for actions they took previously.

Words at ch10 = 51,000 
Daily average at day 340(2010) = 308
new E.T.A = Jan 2012 
(forget ETC, I'll stick to the standard acronym)

next post ... the story so far.

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