Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh! the pain.

today (May 27) creatinine 94

Not to mention the embarrassment of yesterday when I coughed in my rompers.

One of the side effects of all abdominal surgery is constipation and something doctors look to see restarted before they let you out. Perhaps my dysfunctional kidney kept my stools soft, for me shitting was quick & easy. Now although I go through he motions daily, the post op experience is hard and very painful.

I was grateful when the blockage finally seemed to ease but later I had to go again and was hoping it would be all back to normal but alas it was now loose. Less than an hour later a desperate need arose but the one bathroom was occupied. An uncontrollable explosion occur ed. Diarrhea is a worry for a transplant patient often leading to dehydration and kidney damage.

The renal clinic reassured me this was probably just backed up behind the blockage - drink plenty of water and monitor if it persist come to emergency. I'm glad now its only 2 blocks away.

Then last night every hour I had to get up pee, but despite the water intake, couldn't. The pain in the tip that tells me I'm desperate is a lie, I don't need to go, I cant go. At best I get a burning trickle. Something to do with the extracted catheter or the transplant where it joins into my urinary system or irritation from the stint between kidney and bladder has yet to heal.

So now both excremental orifices are giving me a hard time -
more so than the cut. I seem to be leaking a stringent burning acid from both.

now back to the past

20th thurs

Daughter Miri & her husband Jason (I have to specify because my son is also Jason one of three I have, a son and 2 son-in-laws) found me awake and talking to them but drifting off.

My recollections of the first night are pretty much the same, a nurse was always with me, taking blood pressures and temp and measuring an emptying my catheter every hour while I unmoving dozed in and out conscious.

I was told my creatinine levels had dropped to 200 (from in the high fives) in hours. As I understand it creatinine is a waste from muscle use that can only be excreted by the kidney. At ten percent function, I have trouble to get rid of the muscle waste of a relaxing day watching movies. The rest keeps circulating in the blood impeding function and this is not the only toxic metabolic by-product circulating just the indicative measure.

21st Friday

Creatinine from yesterday’s blood-letting 140, the taking is easy from the triple headed feeder hanging out my jugular. Through one of the other heads they are pumping in fluids a great rate putting back all the weight they told me to lose. I am now carrying an extra 5 kilos all fluid and still drinking 2 1/2 litres as well. It is all counted going n and coming out. The intention is to keep the new kidney flushed while it settles in. The build up of fluid (and weight) will gradually drain away. I am to ensure weighed in a chair morning and night to ensure a steady rate of flush.

I find it difficult to believe I am now carrying a body part from my wife. It hasn't really impacted yet - too many other concerns with lack of sleep, lack of comfort, lack of dignity and all these bloody tubes hanging off my bruised and battered body.

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