Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Countdown

I/we now have an official R.A.H. schedule of appointments leading to my kidney transplant

Donor and Recipient Pre Transplant Appointments
Robert Bleckly (recipient ) and Felicity (Donor )

Date of Transplant: 19th May 2010

I'm pleased to see they got the give 'n' take the right way round - that's a good sign - we've just done the first item - the final cross match.

The rest of the schedule looks like this:

This is the scary part of the journey especially the last two items, I would much rather get my drama vicariously from an altogether different theater - where I'm in the audience and someone else is in the spotlight upon the stage

But since I believe, and believe in, my doctors this is the best choice I can make. I am in fact extremely fortunate to have this option.

  1. I have a partner willing to donate.
  2. said partner is compatible, and
  3. passed their rigorous set of tests (any failure would have put paid to the deal.)

If all goes well I will then the proud bearer of my wife's kidney a curious reversal of the usual transaction between husband and wife only I wont be giving birth, I'll be carry her donation for life.

The operation is, as they say, routine but not trivial. Hell, no operation is trivial, accidents happen, complications arise, people die. Not that I'm scared of death. If I don't wake up I'm not going to know about it. The scary bit is everything in between death and the best outcome.

Things like, losing Felicity, rejection leading to dialysis, one or other of us being permanently incapacitated or left in pain.

It will be especially hurtful if Felicity has anything other than a full recovery because she doesn't have to do this. I do and I cant do it without her but what it might do to her really scares me.

My next post will post operation or post mortem.

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