Sunday, February 18, 2007

Out from Under the Knife♠

It's done. I'm a kidney short of the full person.

I'm writing this sitting up in a big leather chair, in my bookshop, looking out the plate glass window at old gums and cattle pastures, logged onto blogger, typing directly into the create page on a wireless laptop; ah the wonder of modern technology.

The cut is long: from just left of my belly button across, back and up to just under my left armpit. It is now 19 days old, healing nicely but bloody painful whenever I walk for too long, sit up for too long, cough, sneeze, or laugh. Turning in my sleep wakes me every time.

* * *

Friday 13th March 2009
(that this is posted on Friday 13th is entirely ...)

The above though written at the time indicated, was for reasons unknown, never posted. Only now when I again feel the need to blog do I see that a couple years have slipped by unremarked. Again my kidney problem is the return prompt; function is down from 23% just after the op to 17% - a trigger point to start thinking about some sort of replacement therapy. There seems to be some sort of unconscious direction here. why do I only make the effort to blog when my kidney problem threatens to disrupt my lifestyle? I have no idea but have decide to go with the flow and, contrary to intention or expectation, chronicle of my journey through approaching renal failure.