Monday, April 8, 2013

The story so far

gday gentle readers 

A short end-of-week-14 progress report

   I'm now behind editing book 2 and cant see any way of catching up as I'm about to make radical changes to the last quarter of it (about 50,000 words) 

   I will post later about what, when, where, how and why the changes will be made.

   Suffice to say most of it was written just before my transplant when my kidney function was down to 17% and my toxic mind was poisoning my pen  ( er .. keyboard )

   but progress there has been

  1. 109% of Break (finished with 9% more than I started )
  2. 72% of Face (the current task)
  3. 6% of Arch (as I edit what I read to my writers group )
  Trilogy overall 58% 

ooroo until my next post