Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last Post


It is now two months, one week and two days since Felicity and I went under the knife and things are pretty much back to normal; we work, we play, we eat sleep and ..... A month ago I felt so good, I started thinking about this post, but I was too interested in other projects to bother and time just slipped away.

Felicity still has a little bit of pain, rising after extended sitting but I was back to normal at one month, and better than normal at two.

Better than normal?

Perhaps that needs explaining :- my kidneys gradually failed over a decade and my body gradually adjusted as toxins I couldn't excrete - you guessed it - gradually built up in my blood. I didn't notice any change (and I'm not the only one) By the time of the op I had serious doubts about the necessity of having the transplant at all. Why go through all that pain and put my wife through all that pain when I felt no different than I had yesterday or the day before. The blood work however said I was on the cusp of renal failure.

That all changed on the 19th May - the new kidney cleared the toxic backlog in a matter of hours, not that I noticed immediately but as recovery proceeded the changes became obvious; I had more energy, I began doing long neglected jobs around the house. For me personally the biggest change is in my writing. Pre-transplant I would struggle for hours to write 300 words. Post-transplant I can sit down for a couple of hours and churn out 600. It always astounds me when I do the count.

When you think about it, it stands to reason. One of the biggest arteries goes to the brain. What does a big artery full of toxins do to one's mind? Obviously a helluva lot. Again I stress that the gradual toxin build up led to a gradual decline in mental acuity that went unnoticed: the sudden restoration however, of good clean blood to the old brain box, did not go unnoticed.

Now at two plus months I'm already down to a once a fortnight clinic and I feel better than ever despite that my lovely donor wife sees me as just a growth on her kidney.

This blog will now fall into disuse. Unless/until something goes wrong I will concentrate on writing and my writing blog where I hope to chronicle the process of turning this wannabe into a published author. See you there http://ozwritersblog.blogspot.com/