Friday, April 30, 2010

The Trilogy


The whole box and die as writ thus far and tentatively titled "The Restoration Legends" is now up on my site under my author tab, through the labyrinth portal to

Each book has two parts as follows:-

Book 1 "Break" (was 'The Break of Civilization')
  • part 1 "Reason" (was 'The Test of Reason")
  • part 2 "Faith" (was 'The Test of Faith")

Book 2 "Face" (was 'The Face of the Goddess')
  • part 1 "Guilt" (was 'The Guilt of Sanctuary')
  • part 2 "Innocence" (was 'The Innocence of Face')

Book 3 "Arch" (was 'The Arch of Restoration')
  • part 1 "Love" (was 'The Design of Ancients')
  • part 2 "Hate" (was 'The Waking of Sleepers')

home-made covers - book 3's is deliberately blurry -it's not your eyes
I like symmetry. The shortening to one word titles is just the latest in a long line of changes stretching back years. The reasons for the changes I'll leave for another post. Suffice to say it's a work in progress, a long work and and slow progress. I'm not happy with the last two parts - the long titles better reflect where the story has to go but then again none of book 3 is written.

On the site each book has a page listing chapters available and roughly when they where last updated (the dates will become more accurate as I progressive upload new and edited chapters)

The .pdf format chapters, especially in Book 2 "Face", are writing in the raw, unedited first draft straight of the top of the head via the fingertips to the keyboard. I'm a two finger typist and my brain is often well ahead of my fingers. The spelling and grammar checker's do a reasonable job but don't pick up everything.